Shan Foods Global Vegetarian Cmapaign

Situation & Challenge

Shan is considered to be a brand for meat lovers. But as they go global they must also focus on vegetarians.

With the rise of a global search for healthy food options, it was evident that Shan became relevant for the nonmeat consumer market.


Broadening the scope of possibilities with the current Range.

We wanted to create awareness and educate the consumer on how Shan's wide range can be used across different taste pallets and cuisines of different ethnicities.


Creative curation of Vegetarian fusion recipes.

We partnered with food influencers and content creators to create food recipes that can target vegetarian market by recreating the famous vegetarian food with a twist. Partnering with them also helped us in creating the credibility of Shan usage for different cuisines.

Social Media / Brand Content / Influencers Marketing

Making Shan’s Instagram the hub for food recipes and food inspirations.

Social Media / Brand Content / Influencers Marketing

Curating content across the year through occasions and special days.