Sunsilk Sundays with @haniaamir and Her Girl Gang.

Situation & Challenge

Sunsilk wanted to foster a sense of community in the new normal as we believe that together girls can achieve more.

The Sunsilk girl gang is all about uplifting each other. During covid, while we were all social distancing. We saw that the girl gang needed each other to overcome the newness of the new normal. So how did we foster a sense of community in the new normal?


Harping on the ‘with me’ trend & tapping on to the key passion point of our girls today

The idea was to encourage the Sunsilk TG to break barriers and not loose hope despite the lockdown limitations. This was done by nudging them towards unlocking digital possibilities – from learning to cook, or a new work-out routine, or Eid preps, Sunsilk girls could achieve it all by staying apart yet being connected.


Taking on board a celebrity influencer and her girl gang. Also, keeping the look & feel real & authentic

Using the mass appeal of Hania Amir, a very relatable celebrity for the Sunsilk girl, we crafted out weekly episodes where Hania Amir would connect with her girl gang digitally to unlock possibilities around learning, progressing and spending constructive time with her girl gang and not let limitations hold her back.

social media / FILM & VIDEO

Deployment across search & Discovery channels to amplify reach & awareness


Featured as Top YouTube Ads People Watched in APAC in March 2020